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Storage companies Glasgow

Whatever you would like to store we can offer you the right solution. Our cheap storage warehouse in Glasgow has been designed to store various type of items. We provide our services to all customers. Whether you are a single mother, a 5 kids family running out of the storage space in your house or a company employing 100 workers we have the resources to help you out.

In our wooden or steel storage containers you can keep your beds, sofas, armchairs, commodes, dressing table, books, tools, bicycles, bikes or even a car.

If you require 24 access to you storage we can organize it too. You will be give the keys so you can access your belongings at any time of the day and night.

We also provide storage boxes available in different sizes and shapes.

Our removals and storage companies Glasgow can also collect your goods from your home and safely deliver them to our storage space.

We offer first class packing, moving and storage service available at very competitive prices.

You can call us at any time to request a free furniture storage costs estimate. Provide us with the list of items you would like to have stored at out premisses. Our storage manager will work out the amount of space you require and tailor the quote to your needs.

To reduce the storage space you will require and consequently the storage costs we offer furniture dismantling services. By taking down your beds, tables, wardrobes and other storage cabinets you can lower your storage needs even by 50%.

If you decide to pack your personal belongings and furniture by yourself we will email you our packing for storage guide so your goods can be stored short and long term with no side effects.

Advantages of using our storage company !

- Based in Glasgow Removals
- Free pick up for long term storage customers
- Container and storage unit solutions
- Off site and on site options
- Moving boxes supply
- Free packing for storage guide